Monday 6th July…welcome to the Galapagos islands…..

Did you try the 2k run last week? Don’t worry- you can still go around the circuit this week. In fact you can keep trying over the next few weeks and see if you can complete it in less time. How about that for a challenge!

This week our community challenge is all about the trees.

In literacy today we’ll be finding out about the small group of islands called the Galapagos islands. Use the BBC home learning link on the literacy document from Friday to find out more!

Here’s some of the items sent in recently…

A super biography by Hannah. Just have a look at Danny’s art from lots of different angles…

Did you try Mr Digby’s challenges? Amelia did!

Here with our assmbly is our very own Mrs Lennox (and a small squeeky friend!).

Have a lovely day everyone! Have fun with our islands topic!

Mrs Brock

Friday, Friday… Loading…

Now this could get messy! Afterwards you’ll be full of energy and perhaps ready to run around the park!

Oh you have to watch these! Excuse the giggling!

At the beginning of the week there is plenty to watch, look at and magpie ideas from. On some days there are additional worksheets to practice some of the useful vocabulary to support this week’s tasks which you’ll see listed below.

On Tuesday you will need

On Thursday you could use this sheet to guide your paragraphing. Please don’t use (as the sheet does) the informal ‘I think/believe’ stick to formal phrases like ‘Many people believe/ think’. There is also a word bank sheet to help you sound really formal too.

On Friday you will need this sheet…

Here are your VIPERS for the week (Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday respectively)…

This reading comprehension has 3 levels, the two star level is the one we will complete in school this week.

You’ll need a ruler for the work this week…

And the answers…

Have a marvellous weekend everyone!

Mrs Brock, Miss Wharton and Mrs Lennox

Thursday in the Kitchen!

Oh Mr Digby! You’ve nailed today’s challenge! Let’s see how year 5 get on with this one!

Don’t forget there are other sporting videos to watch too. What a super star Mr Digby is!

As it’s Thursday here’s our superb music specialist Rob Kitchen. I hope you’ve enjoyed his lessons- they really are spot on!

And here’s Rob again with a cracking piece of classical music (yes, that’s right, classical!). Listen in- you will know this piece. Rob takes each section and gives you a rhythm to clap and use your cups with – just brilliant!

Our art therapist has another idea for you to try this week. You’ll find the details on the document below.

Yes to getting out and about year 5! Georgia and Hannah scrambling and Phoebe and Amelia at the seaside (very different days though!).

Immy has sent in this brilliant all about me ball and Owen created a tasty medal for each of the family- can you spot Mr Digby’s?

Meanwhile in school….

Year 6 organised a fantastic foot-golf course for us to try and we’ve been keeping up with Mr Digby’s daily challenges (we switched the teabags for teabag sized card!).

Ping pong bouncing and building our own hoopla game also featured this week!

Gosh, here we are nearly at the end of another busy week! Do enjoy some active time today and remember to hug the folks at home.

Take care,

Mrs Brock

Wednesday – July is here!

A new month already? Well, why not celebrate the day with another daily challenge from the awesome Mr Digby! Be warned….you might need permission for this one and not every room in the house might be the right space for this!

Well done for taking on some TTRS team games. Competition can be a great way to focus our learning sometimes! Here is a screenshot from Zahra, a top-trump from Dhalia and a butterfly from Evie. Phoebe completed last week’s park challenge- well done that girl!

Image preview
Great subheading, some lovely vocabulary choices and what a fab invention- thanks Georgia!

Hannah has amazed me with the variety of her many invention ideas and Sophie M has written up her biography with wonderful attention to both vocabulary and factual details.

Take a breath, go steady and watch those colours spin!

This week our story is read by our very own Mrs Cordy.

Have a great day folks! Adventure outside, take time to chat with a friend and (well, it really goes without saying but…) read, read, read!

Mrs Brock

Tuesday is here! Singing and….tea bags…

Mr Digby’s virtual sports week continues. This is…different!!

Today the marvellous Mr Chapman and Grace have prepared a real treat- one you’ll be familiar with.

Our Sing Up session this week….

Meanwhile …

Many of you have emailed and commented that your postcards have started to arrive. We are all so glad you are enjoying them! I certainly can’t wait to see more of your smiling faces and to hear your chatter.

Sophie F has found out about an unusual painting. I was so impressed by her research I watched the clip below. Why not have a closer look at this portrait for yourself…

On Friday Mrs Burgess sent through some fab photos (look out for them later this week!) and one video that made me leap into the air. Creative, inventive, determined and resilient -that’s our year 5…check this out…

Have a splendid day. Smile, crack that work out, try the 2K park run, sing loudly – today is yours to take and enjoy!

Mrs Brock

Make a dash for it!

Virtual sports week is here- check out Mr Digby’s challenge for today…

Mr Digby has a youtube channel with sporting moves and activities for this week. It’s on the weekly theme list but I thought I’d include the link here again. Go get sporting year 5!

Today we have a new community activity ready to go go go!

This week we have mapped out our very own park run! During lockdown I’ve been learning to map my bike rides and runs (with varying degrees of success!). I’ve put three examples above. I wonder, do you see a picture made by each run? Let me know!

This week I’ve been feeling so fortunate (and bragged about it to Mrs Hall of course!). So many of you have been in touch to let me know how you have been getting on. I’ve even spotted Sophie F and Phoebe after school by the yard as well as bumped into Murphy’s mum and had a lovely chat. Above you’ll see that Immy and Phoebe have been dancing, Izzy and Amelia have shared some super writing, Evie has been out and about and Amelia and Sophie have both sent some amazing art work! Thank you to all of you. I’ll be posting more of your pictuers this week. Do keep them coming in!

Later on today I’ll be sharing another virtual assembly. Watch this space!

Remember to keep making the world a brighter place for us all! (Because you can and you are great at it!).

Mrs Brock

PS WARNING! Only open this if you want the answers to last week’s challenge! The map is still available so, if you didn’t get a chance to try it last week, go have a look at the blog from last Monday (22nd June). Go, Go, Go (again)!

Friday…read …set …go!

Friday 26th

Here’s a little message for you all to enjoy…


It’s sports week! Here are your timetable and list of activities that you might want to try out this week.

As well as our now regular theme list, Mr Digby has created a set of videos for our Virtual sports week. Log on using the link below and try out some of his fantastic challenges. (If you do have a go, we’d love to see photos and videos of you!)

Here we have a week of sport related literacy. We can’t wait to see the results!

These resources are for Monday.

This resource is for Tuesday.

Here are our reading tasks for the week (Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday).

On Friday you’ll see We’ve given you a link to an Oak Academy lesson. The Oak Academy is a resource jam packed with lessons for each year group. You can have a look at the whole site by using our Cragside school Website- parents section- home learning additional materials. The lesson We’ve selected is to support our VIPERS reading comprehension. Here’s the link (the link is also on the literacy plan document in Friday’s section).

This week the White Rose maths has a few questions which require a protractor. Don’t worry if you don’t have one as here’s a link to practice measuring angles online.

On Tuesday the lesson is all about drawing angles so, if you don’t have a protractor don’t worry, here’s a couple of online angle measuring websites to use instead (or as well as if you are keen!)

And the answers are…

Have a restful weekend. Keep emailing and commenting, we really, really value being in touch and up to date with you all.

Do watch this space (blog) because we’ll be sharing a video or two soon…

Mrs Brock, Miss Wharton and Mrs Lennox

Music on a Thursday!

25th June 2020

Rob Kitchen, our amazing music specialist, has another fun, interactive music lesson for us.

Last week we used ‘Draw with Rob’ website to recreate some of his dinosaur cartoons. That afternoon was just a delight as we all quietly concentrated. Art can be so calming; a private quiet space in our busy world. Our art therapist, Fiona Fitzpatrick, has included some ideas around this quiet calm space in her activities list this week below.

Outside or inside year 5 know how to be creative and inventive! Just look at Sarah, Dhalia and Alfie!

Amelia has been super busy! Have you been testing your skills on TTRS? If not- log on now!

We have been trialing our balloon cars. Inspired by Sir James Dyson’s 5000 prototypes when developing the Dyson vacuum cleaner and his belief in mistakes are the key to being inventive- discover what needs to be fixed and try, try again- we are determined! You too could be an engineer of the future! Here’s one of the clips we watched …

Have a splendid day. Keep cool, drink plenty and find a cool patch of shade to read your book in!

Mrs Brock

Wednesday- What’s happening?

This week we are thinking about Incredible inventors… have you seen the website ‘the kids should see this’? Have a look – it is jam packed with ideas and videos around inventions! On Monday we shared this clip (the link is below) and talked about why one balloon car was so must faster. We’ve also had a go at making balloon cars. Watch this space- we’ll share our results when they’re ready!

Catch up with you guys…..

Sophie M wrote her own version of the King of the Dinosaurs poem last week. Have a read- it’s so spot on!

Dhalia sent a photo of some amazing fossils whilst Immy is standing beneath The Grand Fir tree in the Lakes (it is actually 58m tall!).

Izzy sent this fantastic picture. I love the shading Izzy!

Meanwhile, last Friday the children at school worked with Mrs Burgess to create some lovely art work. It focused on the idea that even in stormy sky times, we have things, people and activities in our lives that shine through, lifting our spirits and chasing the gloom away. I think you’ll agree they are just lovely.

And now for our weekly story. This week we have the fantastic Mrs Mackie.

Have a fab day folks!

Mrs Brock